Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 Topps Cubs Poster

Topps recently released a set of oversized retro cards based on the 1969 team posters set.  The 2014 version came in sets of 15 National or American league cards.  The limited set was /99.

Here is my pickup, which is..


It's interesting to me that Topps included Jorge Soler and Javier Baez. That tells me these must have been produced late in the season.

The 2014 cards are based on the design of this 1969 poster.  The '69 poster obviously featured more players.  It was also printed on flimsy paper while the 2014 version is on card stock.  The '69s were much bigger too.  They measure about 12" x 20" while the 2014 cards are only 5" x 7".

The 1969 poster I've shown isn't mine. The image is borrowed from Ebay.  I am on the prowl for a copy of the '69, but I'm also waiting for a bargain to come along.

It hasn't...........yet.


  1. It was before my time, but after reading a couple of books the '69 team has become one of my favorites. The 1969 poster is fantastic.

    I'm really bummed by the player decisions on 2014 "poster." If they could stick Baez and Soler on there, then why not stick Kyle Hendricks or Jake Arrieta? I think by late August (when Soler was called up) Arrieta had already established himself as our top pitcher. Besides, not only did Travis Wood end up with an ERA above 5.00 for the season, but he looks half-baked in that picture.

  2. Wow, the 1969 is so much better. Way too much "blank" on that 2014.

  3. Good luck finding a bargain on that poster but if anyone can my bet is on you.