Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beef Jersey

Welington Castillo has been the Cubs starting catchers for the past two years.  Topps has not yet issued either an autograph or relic card for Beef.  But Panini has.  Instead of waiting for a Topps card that may never be made, I went ahead and bought a Panini jersey card of Castillo.

The card is from 2014 Panini Immaculate, and as you can see, its a triple relic card.  It's also numbered, /49.  

Without an MLB license, Panini cards often are a mess.  This one, however, looks pretty good.  As a catcher, there is no hat logo to erase.  The chest protector covers his jersey front, so the team logo isn't a problem either.  The only thing that had to go away was the walking bear patch on his left shoulder.  Its disappearance is hardly noticeable.

If Panini wants to make nice looking cards, they should stick to the catchers.  All catchers all the time.

This makes cards number 68 that meets my relic collection rule.

I'll have a tile and a list of all of them tomorrow.

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  1. I agree. Catcher cards look pretty good license or not. I think it was Prime Cuts Baseball that looked halfway decent because it mainly showed guys from the neck up.