Friday, October 31, 2014

Oops...Forgot An Update Insert

I overlooked a Cubs insert from 2014 Update...

...this All-Star Access card of Jeff Samardzija.

When I saw the checklist, I just assumed that Samardzija would be shown as an Athletic, since he was traded to the A's shortly before the All-Star game.  That's why I didn't buy the card at first.

But really, he was in All-Star limbo.  He was named to the National League team because all of his appearances at that point were with the Cubs.  But he wasn't allowed to play in the game and dressed for the game as an Athletic and sat in the AL dugout.

I suppose Topps struggled with coming up with an appropriate way to label his card.  Seems to me that since he didn't even play they could have given an All Star Access card to a different player.  Instead, they showed his as a Cub, though he wasn't a Cub.

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