Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sportflics Cubs Are Starting to Arrive....The 1986 Set

A little more than a week ago I placed an order on Sportlots for 61 Cubs cards over the eight year span of Sportflics cards.  All but one package has arrived and I can start showing the cards.  I'll start with the 1986 set.

The Sportflics sets were initially issued by a company called Optigraphics.  Their first set was issued in 1986 and Sportflics became the fourth licensed set of baseball cards, join Topps, Fleer, and Donruss.  A few years later Optigraphics put out a standard set, Score, and changed the company name to Score, also.

The hook for these is their patented Triple Action Magic Motion effect.  The cards have three different pictures on the front, one portrait and two action shots.  Depending on how you hold the card, you'll see one of the three.  Move the card just right and you can see all three appear to move.

The 1986 set has 200 cards.  They also have a Series #1 designation, but no other series were made.  Speculation is that the first series didn't sell as well as hoped and the second series was shelved.

The Cubs managed to snag seven of the 200 cards.  They're all familiar faces from the Eighties, but with Sportflics,  the faces might not be as recognizable.  I tinkered for a little while with the scanner to try and get just one of the three photos, but nothing seemed to work.  So I've settled for taking just what the scanner gave me.


The cards are pretty plain looking, reminiscent of 1953 player or team names on the front, just three pictures.

In case you can't tell who they are, I've got Shawon Dunston, Leon Durham, Davey Lopes, Keith Moreland, Ryne Sandberg, Lee Smith, and Rick Sutcliffe.


  1. I don't know what you did to scan the Keith Moreland card, but you nailed that one! Looks good!

  2. Ah, good old 86 Sportflicks. I still have the factory set I got for Christmas that year.