Thursday, October 2, 2014

Upgrading a Barney Card

With Darwin Barney's career on life-support (will he be on the Dodgers' post-season roster?), prices for his cards continue to drop. I've taken advantage by doing some upgrading.

I bought this Castro / Barney dual relic card back in 2011 when the Sterling set was released.  I don't remember what I paid for it back then, but it wasn't cheap.  Anything Castro back then went for a premium.

Here is the upgrade I picked up a couple weeks ago. I saw the listing for the card and was immediately drawn to the card number...15/196.  The card is numbered with Barney's number.  Since the auction started at 99¢, I figured it was at least worth watching.

The final purchase price?


I paid more in shipping that I did for the card.  And that price is waaaay lower than the card it's replacing.

I'm not in the hunt for all 15/ Barney cards, but if I can get one for a buck seventy-five, why not?

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