Friday, October 24, 2014

All The 2014 Cubs Inserts

As usual, Update is loaded with inserts.  And has been usual lately, there aren't many Cubs.

The non-relic insert sets include The Future is Now, Power Players, Fond Farewells, 1989 Mini Die-Cuts, World Series Heroes, All-Star Access, Derek Jeter Framed Reprints, and 2000 Topps Gold Label Framed.

Here's the Cubs cards:


It's Anthony Rizzo or Bust!  The All-Star Access card is has Rizzo's name on it but Castro is featured just as prominently as Rizzo.  I wonder it that's why Topps didn't bother with an Access card for Castro?


  1. Cool, two more Rizzo cards i need to chase !

  2. That unmarked dual card is cool. It'd be fun to see Starlin's reaction to it. "Hey, donde esta mi nombre?"

  3. Samardzija has an Access card as well.