Monday, October 6, 2014

Reviewing All My Cubs Team Sets

I do this from time to time to see what I've got and to look for suggestions about what to add.

Because I like things neat and tidy, when I decide to add a particular set to my Cubs collection, I go after the whole thing...all the Cubs in the set.  Its all or nothing for me.  I don't want a binder with assorted Cubs cards from assorted sets.  It's all the Cubs from this set and that set.

I also tend to go for sets that have a decent number of Cubs per year.  I'm not thrilled when there are just a couple Cubs from each release.  I have been easing up on that though.

As of today, I've got all the Cubs base cards from 102 different sets, plus player collections for five Cubs (and I only collect Cubs cards for those players....nothing from time spent with other teams).

This is my Cubs binder shelf with all 12,729 cards.


These two compare the shelf back in 2010 with today's....I've added a few folders!  I'm actually out of room and have to figure out how to add another shelf.

Here's what they Cubs Team Sets file folder on the computer looks like

And here is a listing of the 102 sets.

Action PackedFleer UltraSpectrum
All Time Heroes of Baseball   FritschSports Design Products
Allen and GinterFront Row Ernie BanksSSPC
ArchivesGalasso Glossy GreatsStadium Club
Aunt MilliesGalleryStar
AutographsGoudeyStarting Lineup
Baseball HeroesGreats of the GameStudio
Baseball ImmortalsGypsy QueenSummit
Baseball WitHeritageSwell
Baseball's All Time GreatsHero Deck Playing Cards   T201
Brickhouse Playing CardsLine DriveTeam Issued
ChampionsLineageTed Williams
Chicago TribuneMasterpiecesTimeless Teams
Chicago's GreatsMilton BradleyTip Top Bread
CokeNational ChicleTopps Chrome
Collectors ChoiceOPCTopps Kids
ConlonOpening DayTopps Stamps
Cracker JackPacificTopps Stickers
Cramers Baseball LegendsPacific LegendsTopps Total
Decade 1970sPerez SteeleTopps TV Cubs
Dell Todays CubsPinnacleTopps XXL
Dexter PressPlay BallTriple Play
Diamond GreatsPostTurkey Red
Diamond KingsPro DebutUpper Deck
Extra BasesRetail BrandsWindy City Superstars
Factory TeamRookie CupX
Fan FavoriteScoreAndre Dawson
FinestSega Card GenBilly Williams
FlairSelectDarwin Barney
FleerShakeysErnie Banks
Fleer StickersSP Legendary CutsRyne Sandberg

So what sets am I missing?

What should I chase next?


  1. Great's off to Sportlots!

  2. How challenging do you want?

    For an easy one I would say SPX because of the gray looking ones in the mid 90s.

    For more challenging I would say Pinnacle Starburst because they are beautiful. My favorite parallel set ever.

    For expensive I would go with M & p Co because there would be a small checklist but high price tag.

    Bond Bread is worth looking at too but be careful with the reprints. Check out the description in the Standard Catalog before you attempt.

  3. One more; Pacific Invincible. Only made a few years but big wow factor in design.

    Hat tip to Collecting Sandy Alomar Jr on this suggestion. His post inspired it.

  4. Those are all great suggestions...thanks

  5. Unless it's counted among your Topps list, the 2011 Topps Kimball Champions set is pretty cool looking. It won't keep you going for long as I think they only issued it for one year -- and I only think there are 5 Cubs -- but it's a nice looking set in my opinion.

  6. For some odd reason, the first thing I thought of was Topps Gold Label. One of those sets where there is like 3 players per team set, but then ... VARIATIONS!

    1. Gold Label sounds like a!