Thursday, October 16, 2014

The 2014 Version of the Billy Williams Flag

Yesterday I showed this,

the lapel version of the Billy Williams flag that flies over Wrigley Field.

Fast forward fourteen years and the Cubs had another Billy Williams flag giveaway. This time, however, they did a much better job.

This time it was a full sized flag!  This thing measures just short of 3' x 5'.

The Cubs gave these away on July 12.  The odd thing is that the giveaway wasn't on the Cubs promotional schedule in the media guide or on the official schedule.  An Ernie Banks flag was also given away about a month earlier and it too wasn't on the giveaway schedule.  Looks like the Cubs decided to give out some extra goodies.

You can see that the flag has the Wrigley 100 logo and the sponsor logo (5gum).

They are obviously not on the actual flag that flies in right field.  But otherwise, it looks like the real thing.

The flag is made of pretty lightweight material.  I don't think it would last very long if it were hung outside.  Mine will be an inside flag.