Friday, March 20, 2009

The 1996 Cubs Shows Their Balls

Relax, relax...this will be safe for work.

The Topps 1996 set was a small sets, only 440 cards. That means a smaller Cubs set too; only 15 player cards plus one prospect card.

I noticed an oddity with nine of the fifteen cards. The nine show a baseball, either in play or in the players hand. In many of them the ball is prominently shown. I had never noticed that many cards showing baseballs before.

Jim Bullinger, ball coming right at you in the upper right of the card

Frank Castillo, ball in hand

Shawon Dunston, ball in hand

Kevin Foster, flipping a ball

Mark Grace, dropping ball on the mound after the third out

Jaime Navarro, ball in hand

Rey Sanchez, ball just left his hand

Ryne Sandberg, just about to catch the ball

Brooks Kieschnick, just making contact

The 1996 Cubs won only 76 games and they finished in fourth place, but they had a lot of balls!

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