Friday, March 13, 2009

All Paul Team

This seems to be working its way around the blogosphere, so I thought I would take a crack at it. Here is the All Paul Team.

Starting Pitchers:

Paul Derringer - had four 20 win seasons with the Reds and was 16-11 for the Cubs their last pennant winning season, 1945.

Paul (Dizzy) Trout - Was a twenty game winner twice with the Tigers in the mid-40's and is the father of former Cub Steve Trout.

Paul (Daffy) Dean - the lesser of the two Dean brothers, but won 19 games in both 1934 and 1935.

Paul Splittorff - the ace of the Royals in the 70's, he won 20 games in 1973 an 19 in 1978

Paul Lindblad - spent 14 years out of the bullpen, mostly with the A's.

Paul Assenmacher - another lefty, mainly for the Braves and Cubs. He had a wicked breaking curveball.

Paul Reuschel - well, we needed a righty out of the pen, and he was with the Cubs, so I picked him. You got a problem with that??!!

Catcher: Paul LoDuca - I guess it would be OK to have a four time all star as our starting catcher.

First Base: Paul Konerko - It pains me a bit to put someone from the Sox on my team, but you can't deny a three time all star with a four season home run string of 41-40-35-31.

Second Base: Paul Molitor: Hall of Fame, 3319 career hits, 7 time all star; he'll do! (I know that he played more games at third than second, but I have no one else for second base.)

Shortstop: Slim pickin's here, so I'll go with a another Cub: Paul Popovich. He was more of a utility guy who could play all three infield spots. He was also a childhood favorite of mine because he was a Paul. I'm making the team, so he's my shortstop.

Third Base: More slim pickings - Paul Schaal: He had a few acceptable seasons as the Royals third baseman in the early '70's.


Paul Waner - "Big Poison" 1927 NL MVP, 4 time all star, Hall of Fame. He's a pretty good start to the outfield.

Paul Blair - A two time all star and starter for Earl Weaver's dominating teams of the early '70's.

Paul O'Neil - 5 time all star, won several championships with the Yankees and Reds, and was in a Seinfeld episode. The Seinfeld appearance by itself would put him on the team!

Overall prospects for the team: Starting pitching seems OK, but the bullpen is very weak. Half the infield is great, half sucks. The outfield should hold be able to hold its own.


  1. Glad to see Paul Blair included . . . and not Josh Paul (as a backup catcher). Good job !

  2. It looks like my All-Greg team would hovering around the basement in the All-namesake league. So far, I think the All-Pauls, All-Billys, All-Chrises, All-Steves, All-Jims, and possibly the All-Kevins have my team beat.

  3. There was an outstanding All-Bobs team in someone's comment section that may be the best of the bunch. I tried my name, but it didn't work so well. The All-Gregs looked good by comparison.

  4. LOL, my Word Verification was an extra l from being Paul, plaul.