Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Out of Position

More observations from Fleer of the 80's

Mike Krukow and Bruce Sutter were good friends. They played together in a few minor league stops as well as making it together at Wrigley with the Cubs. The most interesting example of their friendship is described on this Topps cards from 1981. It states that Mike Krukow's most interesting baseball experience was writing a song for Bruce Sutter's wedding

It looks like the friends decided to mess with the Fleer photographer by posing out of position.

In this 1981 Fleer card, Mike Krukow is crouching like a catcher. Yet, he is using his pitcher's mitt. I'm not sure why the photographer would snap a picture with him in this pose.

Bruce Sutter is also out of position, posing as a hitter. This photo was probably taken in 1980. During that season, Sutter had nine at bats in 60 games and actually got one hit. But again, why would they take a picture of an all star pitcher with a bat in his hand?

Some strange goings on in Fleer's first set.

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  1. I like cards that show pitchers batting. It adds some variety.