Thursday, March 12, 2009

Heritage 2009 Cubs Are Here

Using the combo platter of Ebay and the Beckett Marketplace, I am now the proud owner of all of the Cubs from the 2009 Heritage set. I really like these cards. Topps has remained very faithful to the original design from 1960. The pictures are all posed shots which match what they did in 1960. They were no game action pictures then, so there should be none now.

The Cubs set consists of 18 cards. Oddly, there is no card of Derrek Lee. Did he do something to tick off Topps? Will there be a high number Heritage set this year? Are they holding him back for that? Only time will tell. Carlos Marmol (he was an All Star last year) and Jeff Spellcheck are two other name players that are missing.

Two of the cards feature players no longer with the team, Henry Blanco and Jason Marquis. There is also a card of the newly acquired Joey Gathright.

Here are the cards:

Team Card and Coaches Card: both faithful reproductions of the 1960 originals

Henry Blanco: Hank White looks really happy.

Kosuke Fukudome All Star - the originals had "60" on them because they were in the high series and featured all stars from the current season. The Heritage version with the 08 are obviously all stars from last season.

Joey Gathright in a photoshop special

Love that they used the old Cubbie bear logo on Lou's card. I still wish they would use it on all of the cards.

Not sure why Aramis Ramirez has no last name. The new Ichiro?

Z has his game face on.

There are some other cards that feature other current and former Cubs and I will work on getting those over the next few months. But I am very happy with what I've got.


  1. Very nice "new" set . . . good job !

  2. There will be a high-number series, I'm quite sure.

  3. I finally got some today. I bought 6 jumbo packs and didn't get a single Cub. I did get a Kerry Wood with the Indians.

  4. That is a great looking team set - nice work!!

  5. I dub thee "teh Aramis". Also, cards featuring coaches need to make their triumphant return to the regular Topps and Upper Deck sets like yesterday.