Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Names, My Favorite

Yesterday's post on Smiths got me thinking about last names. My last name is Kosman, a good German name, but not exactly a household name. When I was growing up, there was a player named Jim Cosman. His last name made him my hero. And then he was picked up by the Cubs and featured in this rookie card.

That was about as close to my last name as I had seen in a major league player. The other close name was Jerry Koosman, with one extra "o" and an "oo" sound instead of "ah" in my name. But Koosman was with the hated Mets, so I just ignored him.

Jim Cosman's career was not a good one. He made one whole appearance for the Cubs in 1970, a one inning stint in which he gave up three runs, good enough for a 27.00 ERA. But I didn't care. In my 8-year-old mind he was my long lost relative Jim Kosman.

Flash ahead to 2009 and the miracle of Photoshop. Here is the Cubs rookie card from 1970 as it appeared in my mind as a kid.

So how about all of you out there? Do any of you share a last name with a past or present major leaguer? Are there any players close? Let me know, and maybe I could work a little Photoshop magic for you.


OK, so I'm more mature now than I was in 1970, and I was having fun with Photoshop anyway, so here is 1970 New York Mets Jerry Kosman.

Might as well go all the way. Here is the 1970 All Star Kosman card



    I had a hockey player with the Fresno Falcons for a few years. He had my exact name.

  2. There have been two Bagby's that played and both have some claim to fame. Jim Bagby, Sr pitched 9 years, mostly with the Indians. His lifetime record was 127-88. In 1920 he won 31 games. His son also pitched for the Indians. He helped stop Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak.

  3. I grew up with Jimbo, that's what we called Jim Cosman when he was growing up in Nashville, in fact I just talked to him today. He is retired living in Pittsburgh.

  4. Don't know of a baseball player with my last name, Pasternack, although there's a guy on the Bruins whose name is close; in fact his name almost matches my father's. I had to settle for a certain Royals 3B whose last name is my first name. He did pretty well.

    Are you the Kosman for whom the Kosman Koin is named?