Tuesday, December 15, 2009

196(9) At A Time - Page 66

Our second perfect page, no airbrush, no hatless, and even a future Cub.

#581 - Gary Nolan
Another Reds picture taken at Wrigley Field. Nolan came to the majors as a 18-year-old for the Reds on 1967 and was an impressive 14-8. He avoided the sophomore jinks going 8-4 the next season. But in 1969, he pitched in only 16 games and was 8-8. (By the way, how often does a pitched get a decision in every game pitched?). Arm trouble limited his outings, and he would be plagued by a variety of ailments the rest of his career.

#582 - 7th Series Checklist
Our 7th and final checklist features Twins star Cesar Tovar

#583 - Clyde Wright
Wright's career in the roller coaster phase of his career, one year up, the next down. In 1968 he was up, going 10-6. The next was a real downer, as he was 1-8. But in 1970 he had the best season of his career, with a record of 22-12 and a place on the All Star team.

#584 - Don Mason
After three years on the AAA shuttle, Mason finally got his big chance in 1969. unfortunately, he didn't make the best of it, hitting .228 in 104 games.

#585 - Ron Swoboda
A Met...Bah Humbug

#586 - Tim Cullen
Someone forgot to tell Tim he had a batting helmet on. Oops. The Senators traded Cullen to the White Sox after the 1968 season, but reacquired him in August. He spent the '69 season sharing second base duty with Bernie Allen. He hit only .209 and I wonder if the Senators were wondering why they wanted him back?

#587 - Joe Rudi
At this point in his career, Rudi was still shuttling back and forth between the minors and the A's. He spent about half of 1969 in Oakland. It wouldn't be until 1970 that he would stay with the A's for good.

#588 - Bill White
That black glove is not a good look. After an All Star career with the Cardinals in the early '60's, White spent several seasons with the Phillies before returning to the Cardinals for one last fling in 1969. His career ended with a whimper, as he played in only 49 games and hit .211.

#589 - Joe Pepitone
Pepi was much more stylish than Bill White, with his red batting glove. No ugly black one for him. 1969 would be Joe's last in the Bronx. But he went out on a high note, with 27 HRs and 71 RBI's. After the season, he was traded to the Astros. Houston gave up on him mid-season and he was sold to the Cubs, where he resurrected his career.

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 42
Hatless - 128
Airbrush - 92
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 80

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