Thursday, December 31, 2009

A FInal Look at the World Headquarters

I've got one last part of the Wrigley Wax World Headquarters to show you. By now, you might have been able to guess that I am a pretty organized person; maybe too organized!

This is the desk area I've got. It's not as much a desk as it is a workspace. I built this to fit the corner area. The chair was a birthday present from Mrs. Wrigley Wax. Because I use this as a work space, I like to keep it cleared off as much as possible.

At one end is the laptop and scanner. These get a good workout each week. Along the back wall is my reference section. I've got my Standard Catalog, though it is the 2008 edition. I got it over the summer from Amazon, and since it was the older edition, I think I paid about $5 for it, plus the usual $3.99 shipping. Amazon used books are all $3.99 for shipping and this time, I think I got my money's worth - that is a pretty heavy book!

Next to the catalog is my collection of Cubs media guides. I've got them all from 1961 - 2009. They come in real handy if I'm looking for something about a certain season or player.

Otherwise, its a clear desk. No piles, no clutter; just space to work.


  1. How did those shelves hold up for you long term?

    1. No problems at all...still in perfect condition