Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chrome Complete

Brand #22 has now been added to my Cubs collection: Topps Chrome.

When selecting brands to add, I like to pick ones that have at least 200-300 cards per set, so that the team sets have at least nine cards per season. When there are less than that, it's hard for me to call that a "team" set. I just don't think four or five cards is enough.

I'm starting to run out the bigger sets. Topps Chrome is one of the last I had left, so I attacked it. I was able to get several years worth of team sets from ebay. I have found those to be the best value, the most cards for your dollars.

After that, it was off to Sportlots. Almost all of the cards I needed were 18¢ each. I think that is about as good a price as you can find for individual cards online.

Topps Chrome's first issue was in 1996 and there were seven Cubs in the premier edition. This year there were ten Cubs in the set. Altogether there are a total of 216 Chrome Cubs. Adding those to my others pushes my Cubs total over the 6,000 card mark to 6,043.

I can run the Chrome table from 1996 - 2009 with three players, Mark Grace, Kerry Wood, and Carlos Zambrano.

Mark Grace 1996






Kerry Wood 2002






Carlos Zambrano 2008


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