Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cubs Heritage High Numbers

Here are all of the Cubs in the High Numbers Heritage set. There are seven of them, including a few that I'd rather forget.

Milton Bradley...who is still a Cub, though they continue to shop him.

Kevin Gregg...who is a free agent, since the Cubs declined the chance to go to arbitration with him. Good riddance. The back of the card says his nickname is "Savebot." Time for this bot to be powered down and tossed into the scrap heap.

Jake Fox....will make a fine DH with the A's. And what is with the pink? None of the Cubs in the Heritage first series had pink. We got two in the high numbers.

Micah Hoffpauir....started the year off nicely and then tailed badly

Bobby Scales...the Cubs' feel good story of the season. After 10 years in the minors, he finally get a shot at the bigs, and did a decent enough job.

Randy a rookie, did a real nice job in the starting rotation. For a while he was the only starter throwing consistently well.

Jeff of several fake Mark DeRosas brought in during the season.

There are also several more insert cards with Cubs. I've tracked down all but one, and as soon as I get the last one, I'll get those up.

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