Saturday, August 1, 2015


My 2015 Ginter cards have arrived!  As usual, brentandbecca did a great job getting me everything quickly and at a fair price.

As usual, the Ginter set is 350 base cards, with the last 50 being short prints.  A big change for this year is that the set includes only active players.  No retired players means no Ernie Banks this year; no Billy or Ryno either.

The Cubs landed 13 players on the checklist.  350÷30=11.67, so the Cubs were a little above average.



  Four of the eleven have designated rookie cards.  Thankfully for my wallet, the Bryant cards was not a short print.  Topps had time to add Bryant to the checklist.  I wonder why they left Baez in the set?

Or why they didn't drop Olt when Bryant was added.  Neither of them are necessary.





The only glaring omission would be Miguel Montero.  Every other position except catcher was covered.  We've got the starting eight, the top three starters, and the closer...just no catcher.  

I bet they'll have Schwarber in next year's set.


  1. Not sure I dig the absence of old-school players this year. A&G having that vintage vibe, seems weird not to have some old-timey mugs to look at. On the other hand, I suppose Willie Mays or Ernie Banks get plenty of cards made for them, so maybe this gives new guys the opportunity to be on an A&G set where otherwise they wouldn't.