Tuesday, June 28, 2022

2022 Topps Series 2 Cubs

 My series two Cubs cards came while I was on vacation. 

The Cubs fared much better in series two, with twelve cards compared to the five in series one.  However, of the twelve, four of them are no longer with the team.

Series two has become a later release of series one and the update set is now series two.  It seems that the print deadlines keep getting moved further up.  At this point Topps should go back to releasing the entire set at once and make the update set a truly updated set.

Case in point: The Cubs signed Marcus Stroman on December 1.  He was included in the Cubs blister pack team set.  Yet he is not in series two.  How does that happen?

The team card shows a rare 2021 win celebration.



Noting too out of the ordinary with the seven players that are still on the team.


These are the four not with the Cubs.  Alzolay is on the 60 day IL, Davies and Thompson left as a free agents in November, and Deichmann was DFA'ed and is with Iowa. 

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  1. Agree - on the series 2 thought - all it is - is a review of last season. I saw somewhere there were no opening day rookies in series 2