Thursday, October 22, 2009

1969 One Cub at a Time: #450 BIlly WIlliams

Here is Topps' card

and my updated version

Billy Williams is my all time favorite Cub. I wrote about that is this post back in February.

He is a quiet, classy person and a Hall of Famer.

In 1969 he was 31 years old and still playing at the top of his game. He was in the midst of his NL record consecutive games streak and played in all 163 games. He hit .293 and knocked in 95 runs. His home runs number was down from previous seasons, hitting only 21, but as long as he kept knocking in runs, it was no big deal.

Billy was one of the few '69 Cubs that didn't slump in September. I guess when you play over 1000 consecutive games, you build up some endurance! His average on September 2 was .293. On the last day of the season, October 2, it was still .293. He also hit six homers during the month and drove in 14 runs. You can't blame Billy for the team's collapse; he was doing his part.

The highlight of his season was on June 29, which was Billy Williams Day at Wrigley Field. During the double header, Billy tied and then set a new NL record for consecutive games played. Here's what I wrote about the day.

Other than a few seasons with the A's at the end of his career, Billy has spent his over 50 season career with the Cubs organization. He still has a front office position, with the title of Senior Advisor. I think he will be with the Cubs in some role until the day he dies, which I hope is many many years in the future.

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  1. Ron Santo is my favorite Cub but Billy would come in 2nd. It's nice to think that those two have been friends for 50 years.