Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Series Preview: The Ex-Cub Factor

First written about by freelance writer Ron Berler in 1981, the Ex-Cub Factor states that any team int the World Series with three or more ex-Cubs on the roster will lose the series. Tribune columnist Mike Royko picked up on this and wrote about it several times. Most recently there have been 22 instances where the factor came into play, and only twice, 1960 and 2001, has the factor not held.

Looking at the rosters of the Yankees and the Phillies, if you are from Philadelphia, you should be very nervous.

The Yankees have two ex-Cubs,

Pitcher Chad Guadin, who played for the Cubs for half a season last year.

Infielder Jerry Hairston, Jr., was with the Cubs in 2005 and part of 2006

The wild card for the Yankees would be their manager, Joe Girardi, who was a Cubs farm system product and had two different stints with the Cubs.

But if you follow the strict guidelines of the factor, and consider only active players, then the Phillies are in big trouble... because they have three ex-Cubs.

Relief pitcher Scott Eyre, whom the Phillies acquired from the Cubs in 2008

Catcher Paul Bako, who was with the Cubs in 2003 - 2004 and was also with the Cubs in spring training this season, before being released just prior to the start of the season.

Outfielder Matt Stairs, who spent 2001 in Chicago.

And if that isn't bad enough, the Phillies also have 1984 Cubs draft pick Jamie Moyer on the DL.

So to all of you Phillies fans out there, sorry, but no repeat. You dodged a bullet last year with four ex-Cubs because the Rays also had three ex-Cubs (and the factor was canceled out). But this year, the Yankees wised up and made sure to not load up on ex Cubs, all but assuring another World Championship in the Bronx.

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