Monday, October 26, 2009

The Credit Card: Studio 1995

The concept for 1995 was a credit card and Studio went all out. The front looks just like a credit card, complete with the sticker and raised letters. And the back has the autograph in the spot where you'd sign a credit card, plus a fake magnetic strip.

The problem is, what does a credit card have to do with a studio pose? My answer would be "nothing at all." And the pictures on both the front and back were action shots. Studio had nothing from the studio. And the personal facts about the player were gone, too.

The 1995 set was down to only 200 cards and seven of them were Cubs.

Steve Buechele

Shawon Dunston

Mark Grace - both front and back

Brian McRae

Sammy Sosa

Steve Trachsel

Rick WIlkins

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