Monday, October 12, 2009

Retro Gloves

This would be another "I never noticed that before." I added the 2006 Allen and Ginter set to my collection a few weeks ago. When paging through the cards, this one of Zack Greinke caught my eye.

Specifically, the mitt got me. Very cool to have the old fashioned glove on the old fashioned cards.

I then went back and checked all the sets and found a few more, and two of them were Cubs.

First, a non-Cub...

The Angels' Ervin Santana.

The two Cubs come from two different years.

First, Kerry Wood from the 2006 set. The second card is Carlos Zambrano, from 2007.

And if you look carefully, you'll see that both Wood and Zambrano are using the same glove. I guess they were passing the prop around when they were taking the pictures and used the same photoshoot for two year's worth of cards.

Two questions: why didn't they do this with more players? And why no vintage bats? How cool would it have been to see a player holding one of those huge bats they used to use?

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  1. I had never seen that Grienke before. I know David DeJesus has a couple like that- one is '06 Turkey Red (Ithink) and the other is '07 Topps Heritage.