Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Locker: Studio 1994

The concept behind the Studio sets was to give us a more personal look at the players. The 1994 set not only gives us the studio pose (returned to the front of the card after being placed on the back the previous season), but a look inside the player's locker, too. Talk about getting personal!

There are 220 cards in the set and eight of them are Cubs. The back of the cards had less information on the players than in previous issues of Studio, but there were still some favorites listed.

Steve Buechele: Locker: Doesn't show us too much. Personal tidbit: Roomed with John Elway at Stanford.

Shawon Dunston: Locker: Well, not sure here, since the locker on Dunston's card is the same as the one on RIck Wilkin's card. Personal tidbit: favorite food is prime rib.

Rick Wilkins: I'm showing his card next so you can see the same locker on his card as the one on Dunston's. Personal tidbit: favorite athlete is Gale Sayers (Go Bears!!)

Mark Grace: He's got a team schedule posted in his locker. Personal tidbit: favorite athlete is Magic Johnson (what---no Chicago love for Michael Jordan??)

Derrek May: He's got a mug on the shelf and it almost looks like a Starbucks logo on the mug. Personal tidbit: hobbies include playing video games.

Tuffy Rhodes: He's also got a mug in his locker. Personal tidbit: got his nickname at the age of seven.

Ryne Sandberg: Ryno's got an extra helmet in his locker. Personal tidbit: favorite actor is Clint Eastwood.

Sammy Sosa: Sammy's got a picture of a kid on his locker - nice - and a picture of himself, too (typical Sammy). Personal tidbit: favorite food is rice and beans (I thought it might be hot dogs).

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