Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cubs 2009: All the Position Players, Topps Style

Yesterday I featured all of the Cubs from Topps' Updates and Highlights set. One of the comments asked. "Where is Bobby Scales?"

That's a good question. The Bobby Scales story was one of the nicer ones of 2009. A player who has been in organized baseball since 1999 finally makes it to the major leagues as a 31 year old rookie. He ended up getting into 51 games for the Cubs. Topps deemed him Rookie Chrome Refractor worthy, but he wasn't featured in the regular Updates set.

I figured I needed to fix that.

Then I got to thinking about other players who were on the team in 2009 but didn't get a Topps card. So I decided to that every player (there were 45 in all) that got into a game for the 2009 Cubs would have a card.

It was time to fire up Photoshop!

Today I'll feature the position players. There were a total of 21 different players who saw action for the 2009 Cubs. Nine of them had cards in the base set, while another four made the update set. That meant I had to create a card for eight others.

Here are the 21 in order based on the number of games played, starting with Ryan Theriot (154 games) to Tyler Colvin and So Taguchi (6 games)

Ryan Theriot - 154 games

Kosuke Fukudome - 146 games

Derrek Lee - 141 games

Mike Fontenot - 135 games

Milton Bradley - 124 games

Alfonso Soriano - 117 games

Micah Hoffpauir - 105 games

Geovany Soto - 102 games

Koyie Hill - 83 games

Aramis Ramirez - 82 games

Jake Fox - 82 games

Aaron Miles - 74 games

Jeff Baker - 69 games

Reed Johnson - 65 games

Bobby Scales - 51 games

Sam Fuld - 65 games

Andres Blanco - 53 games

Joey Gathright - 20 games

Ryan Freel - 14 games

Tyler Colvin - 6 games

So Taguchi - 6 games

Tomorrow it will be the pitchers turn


  1. These are great! I wish Topps would return to some form of their "Total" set. The set could be released in team form (50 to 60 cards) and it would be released following the end of the regular season. It would be sort of a year in review for your favorite team.

    And I'm assuming this is So Taguchi's lone Cubs card?

  2. Well how about that! I thought for sure that because he had a refractor that there was a base card too. So weird. Nicely done on putting your own together!

  3. There is actually a Bobby Scales card in the 2009 Topps Chrome set - all the other cubs in that set are repeats of a player in the S1/S2/U&H sets.