Monday, October 5, 2009

2009 Cubs Player Review: Derrek Lee

Now comes the longest part of the year....the off-season. The Cubs finished yesterday with a 5-2 loss to the Diamondback. Its disappointing that they are not going to the post season as so many people had predicted back in the spring. But that's baseball. I can be happy with a better than .500 record and, like Cubs fan do every year, look forward to next season.

I plan to review the players over the next few weeks and also take another look at the player's cards from 2009. Derrek Lee will kick things off.

After a slow start, Derrek Lee got hot and had a great season. He smacked 35 home runs and had a career high 111 RBIs to go along with a .306 average. Last season, he hit into a ton of double plays and I started referring to him as DP Lee instead of D-Lee. But this year he cut down on that problem too.

Lee flashed his usual great glove at first base, saving the infielders from several errors.

When he got off to his slow start, I was afraid that age was starting to creep up on him. But Lee showed he still had a lot of baseball left in him. He is a classy player and person and I look forward to more good years from D-Lee.

I added 11 Derrek Lee card to my collection this year. He is in all of the main sets except for Heritage. I hope he shows up in their high number set.



Allen and GInter

Upper Deck

O Pee Chee


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