Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Enough of the Rogers

Really, Topps, the guy only played with the Cubs for four seasons. Of his 2259 career games, a mere 317 were as a member of the Cubs. That's 14%.

But here is the final Cubs card I needed from Topps 2010. He is the only Cub featured in the Vintage Legends series.

And this is the third Hornsby card this year that has him with the Cubs.

Turkey Red had him.

This 4th of July hat logo card was the first. Does the pose on the this cards look familiar? Yes, Topps used the same shot on the Vintage Legends card..

Does it still look familiar?

Yep, they used the exact same shot on two other cards last year.

In the past two seasons, that's five Rogers Hornsby Cubs cards for a guy who played with the Cubs for only four seasons,

So allow me to make two suggestions to Topps:

First, if you're adding any Hornsby cards to the set next year, how about putting him in a Cardinal uniform. They are the team he played 1,580 games for.

And if you insist on putting him in a Cubs uniform, please find a different picture.

The Cubs and Conlon came up different pictures, so they are out there!

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  1. Topps seems to try and be clever with the retired players like that. Ruth as a Red Sox is another annoying example. Who wants that card?