Thursday, November 11, 2010


The Tales of the Game inserts returned in the Update series, renamed More Tales of the Game (MTOG). Two of the cards were Cubs-related and I've got them both now.

MTOG 3 "Seven Touchdowns" This card tells the story of the Cubs 26-23 victory over the Phillies on August 25, 1922. This was the highest combined score in MLB history. While both teams scored a boat-load of runs, Topps scored zero points with the card. The reason? The picture on the card is an absolute disaster.

First of all, if you look at the brick wall, it seems to be colored blue! But the bigger problem would be that the brick wall wasn't built until 1937, fifteen years after the 26-23 game took place! Also, Wrigley Field was a single deck ballpark in 1922, so the upper deck in the picture didn't exist either. And look in the dugout, the third base dugout, the Cubs dugout. There are a bunch of Phillies- red jackets in the Cubs dugout.

Last week I gave props to Topps for using a picture from Starlin Castro's debut game on his debut card. But today, I take it all back because Topps didn't even use a card from the correct decade on this card!

MTOG 9 "The Last Shall Be First" Here we have Topps quoting from Matthew 20:16. Andre Dawson in 1987 and Alex Rodriguez in 2003 both won their league's MVP title while on last place teams. 1987 was Dawson's first season with the Cubs, having signed a blank free agent contract in the spring of '87. The Cubs paid his $500,00 and got a real bargain! But the 1987 Cubs weren't that bad, finishing with a record of 76-85, only nine games under .500. And in two years they would win the Eastern Division.


  1. Wow! That is a disaster of a card! I saw this in my Google Reader and just opened this post in a new window.... thinking it was about high scoring '79 game! Then when I read you saying it was about the other high scoring Philly-Cubs game, I was like "Huh? Are you sure? LOL ...I'm not a Cubs fanatic, and I even know that photo couldn't have been from that game. Wow!

  2. I wish the card was about the 23-22 game in 1979, because I was in the right field bleachers that day!