Monday, November 15, 2010

Marlon Byrd All Star Jersey

The 2010 Update Series didn't leave me a very big list of relic cards to chase. In fact, there is only one that I found....

....and here it is. This is Marlon Byrd's All Star jersey card. This is a nice keepsake from Byrd's one and only All Star game. And Marlon made quite an impact on the game.

In the seventh inning, he drew a walk that loaded the bases. The next batter, Brian McCann, smacked a double that would clear the bases as Byrd dashed his way around the bases. But he wasn't done with his heroics.

Playing right field for the first time all season, Byrd made a memorable play in the bottom of the ninth to help seal the NL victory. With one out and David Ortiz on first, Byrd picked up John Bucks bloop single on one bounce and fired a throw to second that forced Ortiz. Instead of having runners on first and second with one out, the AL had a man on first and was down to their final out.

You can watch the play here.

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  1. Wow...I didn't realize that it was the first outfield forceout in an All-Star Game in 53 years.