Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fergie Jenkins, Post Playing Career

Fergie Jenkins retired after being released by the Cubs during spring training in 1984, but that didn't end his association with the Cubs.

1995 team-issued coaches card

1996 team-issued coaches card

He returned to the Cubs in 1995 as their pitching coach and held the position for two seasons. The 1995 Cubs staff finished 8th in the NL while the '96 team was 11th. He was let go after 1996 and replaced by a teammate from the 1969 Cubs, Phil Regan.

In 1999 the Cubs selected their All-Century team and Fergie was among the pitchers.

Despite his Hall of Fame career, several players wore #31 after Fergie was traded in 1973. When Greg Maddux was issued the number in 1987, he was the sixth player to wear it after Fergie. When Maddux left for Atlanta in 1993, the Cubs again began issuing the number, and six more players wore it until Maddux returned in 2004. But no more, as the number was finally retired, honoring both the Hall of Famer and future Hall of Famer.

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