Thursday, November 4, 2010

Take A Peek at My Peek Autographs

More inserts from the Update set are arriving. Today, you can take a peek at my Peek Performance Autographs.

I'm assuming that Topps change the spelling from "Peak" to "Peek" because these guys are rookies. Three Cubs were in the set and I was able to grab all three.

Starlin Castro is up first. The picture on the card is home run swing from his very first MLB at bat. I wanted to get his autograph and its good to have it out of the way. Now he can go on to his hall of fame career and I won't have to worry about paying inflated prices for his John Hancock.

Tyler Colvin is auto #2. His was much easier to get and much easier on the wallet too. You don't really see that pink streak on the card; it only showed up on the scan.

Andrew Cashner was the cheapest and easiest of the three.

As long as I'm showing autographs, I'll show the only Cubs player auto on the Peak Performance checklist.

I don't know why Topps picked Randy Wells for the Update series. He's not exactly the star of the team. And even stranger, he was one of two Cubs on the series 2 auto checklist. So now I've got two Randy Wells autograph cards. I bet that's two more than most of you have!

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