Monday, November 22, 2010

Topps 2010: I Think I'm Done

My Topps 2010 series one cards arrived in January. In early November my final cards for the update series came. After checking ebay for a week or so, I think I'm done. And over the past ten months, I've picked up 102 different Cubs cards and inserts. That is by far the most for one season that I have ever bought.

Here is how the numbers break down:

24 - Base Set: 24 cards including SP variations for Ernie Banks and Ryne Sandberg
12 - Cards Your Mom Threw Out
1 - History of the Game (First Game in Japan)
3 - Legendary Lineage
5 - Manufactured Bat Barrels
3 - Manufactured Commemorative Patches
12 - Manufactured Cap Logos
1 - Mickey Mouse All Star
1- Tales of the Game
2 - More Tales of the Game
4 - Peak Performance
6 - Peak / Peek Performance Autographs
14 - Peak Performance Relics
1 - All Star Relic
12 - Update Series including SP variations of Bruce Sutter and Andre Dawson
1 - Vintage Legends

A typical season has taken up four or five pages. This year, I have 11 pages worth of Cubs! This was the first, and probably last year that I will go after so many of the inserts. Next year I will go back to the base and update cards, plus just a few of the inserts.

These two would be may favorites of the lot. You very rarely saw action shots from Ernie Banks' day, especially from the early part of his career when he was playing shortstop. And with the second card we get to fast forward about 55 years to the Cubs shortstop of the future, in action.

Here are 96 of the 102 cards (I didn't show both the original back and regular back versions of the Cards Your Mom Threw Out, since they are identical on the front). They will come at you at at one second per card, wasting 96 seconds of your life!


  1. Very impressive! How did you end up storing the bat barrel cards?

  2. I've got them in hinged boxes, but I'm not happy with that. They have to be kept separate from the binder. I like all the cards in one spot!

  3. I'm the same way. I've shied away from thicker patch cards because I just don't know what to do with them. You'd like Ultra Pro would have come up with a pocket page for these types of cards by now.