Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Topps Update Cubs

My Update Cubs have arrived!

First, a few words about the set...

**It looks like Topps got the problem with the name font fixed. There were some issues with in in Series Two and the factory set, but everything seems normal with the Update set.

**I wish Topps would just pick a name for this set and stick with it! Here's what it's been called over the years:
1981 - 1991: "Traded" Series
1992 - 1995: Traded Baseball
1996 - 1998: Not Issued
1999 - 2004: Traded and Rookies
2005 - 2009: Updates and Highlights
2010: Update Series

I think to a lot of collectors, no matter what Topps calls it, the set is Topps Traded. I know that is the only name I use. So Topps, go ahead and officially call it what people call it anyway. And if you don't like that, then how about "Series 3." That's what it is; same card design, same inserts, same number of cards, same everything as Series 1 and 2.

As far as the Cubs go in Topps Traded, there were ten cards plus two SP variations .

Tom Gorzellany

Koyie Hill

Sean Marshall

Xavier Nady

Carlos Silva

These first five were guys who made the opening day roster. The one that surprises me most is Sean Marshall. He has been with the Cubs since 2006, but Topps still won't put him in the base set.

Next is the card from the Cubs' lone representative in the All Star Game, Marlon Byrd. Bryd made the most of his first All Star appearance, scoring a run and making a great play in the outfield.

Here are the two SP variation cards. In a surprising twist for Topps, they didn't use Ernie Banks and Ryne Sandberg again! We actually get some new players. They are both hall of famers, but they went into the hall with the hats of other teams. It's nice to see them featured as Cubs. I especially like the Sutter card, showing him in the pinstriped road unis (my best guess is that he is at The Vet in Philadelphia) we called "The Pajamas." The only disappointment is that while you can see Sutter gripping the ball, he's not thowing a split-fingered fastball

Next is Blake DeWitt, who came to the Cubs in a mid-season trade with the Dodgers.

These final three are of rookies Andrew Cashner and Starlin Castro. Castro also got a debut card, which is something I don't remember from previous traded sets.


  1. I like the Marla Collins sighting in the background of Andre Dawson's card!

  2. Sorry Johngy, but that's not Marla. She got canned in 1986 after her Playboy appearance and Hawk's first year with the Cubs was 1987. But thanks for giving me a chance to do some "research" to see when she was in the magazine.