Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stadium Club A to Z

I was paging through the binder that had all of my Stadium Club Cubs. The brand was issued from 1991 to 2003 and was brought back again for 2008. I've got 302 Cubs from the 14 seasons. The cards are arranged in the binder by season, and then alphabetically.

The very first card in the binder is this one from 1991 of reliever Paul Assenmacher. Assenmacher was a tall, lanky reliever. A lefty, his out pitch was a nasty breaking curve ball.

And here is the last card in the book, 2008 Carlos Zambrano. Z is the complete opposite of everything that is Paul Assenmacher.

So the binder goes from A to Z, from lefty to righty, from reliever to starter, from skinny to stocky, from curveball to fastball, from white guy to Venezuelan, and from normal to psycho.

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