Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Williams Cards....

...and I'm not talking my favorite Cub Billy Williams.

These are Ted Williams cards.

Did you know that there was a Ted Williams Card Company in the early 90's? I didn't.

Everyone and their brother was making baseball cards during this time and Ted's son John Henry thought it was a good time to lend daddy's name to a card company.

The Ted Williams Card Company issued baseball cards in 1993 and 1994. The cards featured retired players because the company lacked a license from the players union.

I actually like the design of the cards. Many of the upstart companies had pretty simple designs (Star, I'm looking at you!), but these cards show some flair. I think the design has really held up over the year.

There were five Cubs among the 160 players in the 1993 set, including two of my all time favorite Cubs, Billy Williams and Bill Buckner. And the cards are cheap and easy to pick up. Sportlots had them all.

Here are the 1993 Ted Williams Card Company Cubs:

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