Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1970 Checklist Showdown: Booklets Vs. Scratchoffs Vs. Posters

My 1970 Ron Santo poster came!

And now that I've got it, its time for the final checklist showdown. Today, all three 1970 insert sets compete against one another. Its the Booklets vs. Scratchoffs vs. Posters.

Remember, each insert set had 24 players, one from each team. The contest is to see which checklist had the most team stars. The selection of the stars is not done scientifically. Instead, it is done by the fuzzy, 41 year old memories of yours truly. Feel free to agree or disagree with my selections. The players in bold are my selection as the team's top star of the three.

TeamScratch off

Angels Jim SpencerJay JohnstoneAndy Messersmith
A'sSal BandoReggie JacksonBert Campaneris
AstrosJim WynnDenis MenkeLarry Dierker
BravesHank AaronOrlando CepedaPhil Niekro
CardinalsRich AllenBob GibsonLou Brock
CubsGlenn BeckertErnie BanksRon Santo
DodgersClaude OsteenBill SingerWillie Davis
ExposMack JonesRusty StaubRon Fairly
GiantsJuan MarichalWillie MaysWillie McCovey
IndiansSam McDowellVada PinsonKen Harrelson
MetsTom SeaverCleon JonesTommie Agee
OriolesBoog PowellMike CuellarFrank Robinson
PadresNate ColbertAl FerraraOllie Brown
PhilliesTim McCarverDeron JohnsonRick Wise
PilotsMike HeganTommy HarperDon Mincher
PiratesWillie StargellBob MooseRoberto Clemente
Red SoxCarl YastrzemskiRico PetrocelliReggie Smith
RedsTony PerezPete RoseJohnny Bench
RoyalsLou PiniellaWally BunkerEd Kirkpatrick
SenatorsDick BosmanMike EpsteinFrank Howard
TigersAl KalineBill FreehanDenny McLain
TwinsHarmon KillebrewTony OlivaRod Carew
White SoxLuis AparicioWalt WilliamsJoe Horlen
YankeesMel StottlemyreBobby MurcerRoy White

My scores end up this way:
Scratchoff: 11
Booklet: 8
Posters: 5

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  1. For me Santo trumps all and the posters win. At the risk of sounding old, remember when record albums (just saying that makes me old) sometimes included free posters? I still have some of them.