Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coins in the Pockets

As a kid, I did the most collecting from 1973 - 1976. The four previous years, I bought cards, but not a bunch. But by 1973, Topps had stopped placing inserts into packs of cards. It was just cards and the gum. I do remember getting a couple of the inserts from the earlier years like the 1969 Deckle Edge cards 1970 booklets and scratch offs.

And today's feature too, the 1971 coins. In fact, I definitely remember having a Don Kessinger coin. It wasn't with my cards, but I dug around some other junk boxes in the house and found it!

It looks like it's seen better days.

Topps put out a set of 153 coins in 1971 and even included a checklist in the base set. The list includes seven Cubs. I didn't really think much about adding the set to my collection until I saw an auction that had a lot of six of the seven. Being able to get a bunch at once is a good thing, so I set my sniper. Apparently there wasn't too much interest because I won the lot at a price of less than a dollar each.

They aren't in mint condition, and the centering isn't perfect, but they look pretty good for being 40 years old. Here are the six from the single lot:

The seventh Cub was Fergie Jenkins. I poked around ebay and found a good one at a good price, and with that, the set is complete.

Once I had the coins, I needed to figure out a way to store them. Here's what I came up with:

They are in a 20 pocket tobacco card sheet. I spaced them out because when they were in pockets next to each other, the sheet started to pucker up.

For now I added the sheet to the back of the 1971 set in my '70s Topps binder. My only concern is that the coins may leave a circular impression on the cards. If that happens, I'll have to move them. But for now, they look nice right where they are.


  1. Are you going to look for the 1964 coins as well? I'm not sure which other Cubs are in the set but I have the two Ron Santo's, one regular and one AS.

  2. I'm up in the air about the '64s. I doubt that I can get them for less than a buck a piece. I may just go for the Billy Williams, for the player collection.

  3. Ok, now this is ingenious. I never thought about using tobacco sheets as 8 or 12 pocket coin sheets before.