Saturday, November 26, 2011

Harry With A Patch

All right class, raise your hand if you can tell me something about Cubs pitcher Harry Perkowski.


Then allow me. Harry Perkowski pitched for the Cubs in 1955. He had spent the previous seven seasons with the Reds. His best seasons were 1952 and 1953, when he won 12 games in each season. He fell off badly in 1954, winning only two games. That somehow made him attractive to the Cubs brass, and they put together a five player swap in October, 1954 to bring him to the Cubs.

Topps felt he had something left because they included him in the '55 set as one of only 12 Cubs. They wouldn't have had any pictures of him in a Cubs uniform, but since all of the cards were paintings, that shouldn't have been a big deal. Plus, both the Cubs and the Reds had a wishbone C on their hat, so all Topps had to do was switch some colors.

That they did with no problem. But look at the action shot. Poor Harry has a blank uniform. Topps didn't take the time to put a Cubs patch on his chest.

But I did!

The back of the card says that they Cubs picked up Perkowski "to strengthen their mound staff." So how did Harry do?

Not very well! He was 3-4 with a 5.29 ERA. The 1955 season was his last in the majors. He bounced around the minor through the 1960 season but never did enough to get recalled.

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  1. Great job on the uniform. I looked for more on Harry and found this