Thursday, November 17, 2011

Topps Stickers

These came out almost three months ago and when they did, I didn't have much interest in them. But not too long ago, I saw a Cubs set for sale for less than a buck and and half. I couldn't say no to a deal like that could I?

I really like the design of these. It's simple, yet colorful. And it's readable! There's none of that hard-to-see glossy silver/gold junk that Topps have been using on the cards as of late. I didn't realize that the stickers were smaller than regular cards, but that's no big deal. I guess it makes sense to have them smaller, since they are stickers that are supposed to go into an album.

Nine Cubs made the 294 sticker checklist. They're all the usual suspects; no surprises here.

And here is the team card, shared with the Padres.

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  1. You have them in alphabetical order but I would put the Byrd on top anyways.