Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Red for Turkey Day

My Thanksgiving tradition is to post a couple Turkey Red cards on Turkey Day. Topps is making that a little harder since they didn't put out any Turkey Red cards in 2011. So I'll have to dig back into the WW archives for a few older cards.

After browsing through the sets, I decided to show a few real turkeys.

2005 Corey Patterson...a true turkey, good ol' KKKKKKorey Patterson

2006 Phil Nevin. The Cubs picked him on May 31, 2006 and traded him away exactly three months later. Topps thought that those three months were good enough to include him in the set. I disagree.

2007 Felix Pie: I'd much rather be thinking about some French Silk Pie than Felix Pie.

I hope these guys haven't ruined your appetite. Now go enjoy some real turkey!


  1. Well done. I can't believe Patterson is still around. I'm with you on the French Silk Pie too. My favorite!