Monday, November 7, 2011

These Are Just Plain Wrong!

I had some fun with Night Owl last week because he refuses to believe that Ron Cey was anything but a Dodger. But I guess I have some similar feelings. Here are a few cards that are just plain wrong.

Billy Williams was never an A. He looks ridiculous in that green and gold.

Ron Santo, with the White Sox? Blasphemy!!

Don Kessinger never played for the Cardinals; no way!

Beckert with the Padres? There must be some mistake.

And this card has to be an uncorrected error. Kerry Wood was always with the Cubs, wasn't he?

I've got his 2011 card here to prove it!


  1. LOL I needed a good laugh today.

    You should needle him with a bunch of Cubs cards of guys who had been Dodgers. ;-)

    I just feel like a trouble maker today mmwwwwhahahaaaaa!!

  2. You could start with Davey Lopes.

  3. I've said this before, but: I always think of Billy Williams as an Oakland A first, because I didn't start collecting until '75, when he was pictured with the A's. The '76 card is a favorite of mine from the time I was 10.

  4. Great job. You could also add Ken Holtzman with the Yankees (although somehow I was okay with him with the A's), Fergie as a Ranger or Red Sox and Rick Reuschel with anyone else.

  5. Dave Stieb on the White Sox in '93....just plain wrong.

  6. Willie Mays with the Mets or Hank Aaron with the Brewers...