Friday, November 4, 2011

Cey, You Missed A Few!

A recent Night Owl post is a Ron Cey-Apalooza. He's got 17 different cards from Cey's career, spanning from 1974 - 1983. And you get to vote for your favorite card, too.

But for some unknown reason, he must have forgotten to post a few more of Ron Cey's cards. Well, I'm always willing to help out a fellow blogger, so I went ahead and found 12 cards that he skipped.

Here you go, Night Owl.

You're welcome!

And by the way, this is my favorite is this one...

...Fleer, 1985. But I couldn't figure out how to do write-in votes on your poll!


  1. Those must be some bootleg cards. Cey was never a Cub ...

  2. LOL you guys crack me up.

  3. Cey was never a Cub....those cards are the work of Topps' crack art staff!