Friday, November 25, 2011

A Big Hunking Patch

I wasn't collecting in 2007, so I had no idea about the felt logo patches that were a part of the Heritage 2007 set. When I saw a Cubs patch listed on ebay a couple weeks ago, I thought it would make a nice little addition to my collection.

Heritage 2007 was based on the 1958 set. The Cubs logo on the patch is the same one that I have as my photo on my Google profile, so that made me want the patch even more. I figured that it was about the same size as the patches that kids in my era wore on jackets or hats, which were around two inches in diameter.

No one else seemed to interested in the Heritage patch. I was the only bidder and picked it up for 99¢. What a deal!

When the patch arrived, I was shocked. It was huge! This wasn't some little two inch patch, it was five inches! What a nice little big surprise.

This gives you some perspective on how big this thing is. It dwarfs a baseball card. Because of their size, they were not included in rack packs; instead they came one per hobby box. Those boxes are going for around $99 right now. I'll gladly skip the box and just take my 99¢ patch.

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