Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sandberg Diamond Die Cut

This should be the last card I'll get for my Topps 2011 collection. The Sandberg card was an add-on, voted in via a Topps election for an additional legend, current player, and rookie. Sandberg bested Reggie Jackson to get added to the set. That surprised me; I figured Reggie was much more popular than Ryno.

Since I don't bust much wax, there was not way I was going to luck into this card with the one or two code cards I had. So instead, it was off to ebay. I was able to buy the card, but then I had to trade the seller one of my cards to get the Sandberg into my portfolio. The trade went off without a hitch, and this is what's in my collection now.

That is the good news. Now, the bad. I clicked on the "Ship card to me" button and this came up...

.... "This card is unavailable. This card will be available to ship around 11/30/2011. Thank you for your patience."

Rats! I hope I can have the card by Christmas. Merry Christmas to me!


  1. I just got me a Sandberg, too. Had to trade a Jackie Robinson die-cut for it. I was a little worried about Reggie, too, but the frustrating thing was that he already had a die cut card in the set, with the Yankees. THe one that was being voted on was him with the A's, but still, we don't need two Reggies. They did the same thing with Freddie Freeman in the rookies division.

  2. Nice that you could get a Sandberg via a trade. I've gotten some crazy trade offers for mine. I think I'll post some of those offers in a couple days.

  3. Do you keep a running tally of how much you spend on completing the Cubs from each set? That would be a fascinating value experiment- no doubt you save tons of money not buying any wax! Love the Sandberg, BTW- we just got one too! -Andy

  4. No, I don't keep track of what I's probably more than I should...I don't think I want to know!

  5. I have a Reggie Jackson diecut picturing him with the A's, I don't know why Topps would put out two diecuts of him with the A's.