Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's Missing?

Last week I made a Topps Heritage 2012 card of Darwin Barney, copying the design of cards from 1963. Take another look at the card.

When I made the card, I intentionally left off a design feature of the 1963 cards. And there was a good reason as to why I left something off. Your job is to figure out what I missed (the easier part) and also tell me why I left it off (the more difficult part).

I'll explain it all tomorrow.


  1. There's no position listed on the front of the card. It should be right next to the player's name.

  2. OK..you both got the easy part; the position was left out. Now the harder question...why?

  3. I have to guess your honoring a former Cubs second baseman whose 63 card left off the position. I'll leave the person reveal to you, your blog.