Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diamond Duo Castro and Barney

This is one of my favorite inserts from the Update Series.

It features the middle of the Cubs infield, Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney. As soon as I saw the card, I knew that I had to have it. In fact I need two, one for the Cubs binder and one for the Barney collection. Both of these guys have their careers off to a nice start and I hope they anchor the Cubs infield for years to come.

In addition to the regular card, there is also a relic card. I debated about picking one up, but since I've gone after Darwin Barney cards, I thought, why not. Being numbered to 50 and having Starlin Castro on it (there are plenty of collectors grabbing his stuff) jacked up the price a bit. But I was able to wait patiently and snipe one for a decent price. Here's the one I picked up:

If you look closely at the Barney piece, you'll notice a stain. Here is a close-up

It that dirt from a hard slide? Then again, it also looks like it could be some coffee that he spilled while relaxing in the dugout. Do any of you look specifically for stained cards; or do you specifically stay away from them; or do you even care?

I didn't really notice the spot when I was bidding on the card, but once I had the card in hand, it was pretty noticeable. It doesn't bother me; I'll just pretend its dirt from him sliding into home with the winning run, and then the crowd breaks into singing, "Go Cubs Go!"

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