Sunday, November 13, 2011

Name the Game: Vintage Style

Playing "Name the Game" is a lot tougher to do with vintage cards, since most don't feature any game action. In-game action first showed up on cards in 1971, but didn't become common until the 1974 set.

Only one Cubs card from the 1973 set had any in-game action on it; this one....

...of Glenn Beckert. There isn't much action; but it is during a game. So which game? Here's what I know...

The picture is definitely from 1972. That was the first season the Cubs went to the pullover jersey, which Beckert is wearing. We can also see that Duke Sims is catching for the Dodgers. So all I have to do is see which games Sims and Beckert both played in at Wrigley Field in 1972. It was off to

I went to Duke Sims page, since he was more of a back-up player and would have fewer games to check. His 1972 game log showed him playing at Wrigley twice, June 16 and 17. Checking the box scores, Beckert played in both of those games, too. With no other clues, that is a far as I can narrow it down; June 16 or June 17, 1972.


  1. The ivy looks to be particularly lush that year.

  2. Am I missing something (which is always possible), but they played in LA on those dates. The games in Chicago were June 16 and 17, but I am still no closer to figuring the game anyway.

  3. that is a nice card - especially with duke sims as a dodger foreground lurker since sims' card in the 1973 set shows him as a tiger.

  4. Your right, John, I left the "1" off of the dates...should be the 16th and 17th...I'm going to edit the post. Thanks!

  5. I thought the ivy was too lush for June 6. Those ten days make all the difference.