Friday, November 11, 2011

Earl Stephenson, Steve Renko, Les Lancaster, and Me

That's a pretty eclectic group in the title. So do you have any idea what...

Earl Stephenson

Steve Renko....

....Les Lancaster and yours' truly have in common?

It's on the front of the jersey. No, not Chicago!

If the uniform number

the big 5 - 0

Today, I hit the half-century mark. Numbers don't mean much to me, so its not like I'm freaking out about it or anything. I haven't bought a sports car or married a 22 year old, so I don't have a mid-life crisis thing going on either (although....are the baseball cards my sports car?).

The only thing that bothers me about turning 50 is that another year has gone by without the Cubs winning a World Series. Just once in my lifetime (I'm not greedy!) I'd like to be able to refer to the Cubs as World Champs.

Now here's where is gets depressing: My grandpa was a Cub fan and he died at the age of 82, never seeing a Cubs championship. He died 18 years ago. When it's put into numbers like that, a 103 year drought really stinks!

So all I'd like for my birthday is one of these,

delivered to Wrigley Field sometime in the next 30 years or so. Theo, get to work please!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you get your present soon.

  2. Happy birthday. Hang on until 51, the Dodgers are gonna win next year.

  3. Thanks everyone for the good wishes!