Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2018 Holiday Cubs

The Holiday set has been a Walmart-exclusive for the past three years.  I picked up the 2016 set because I needed to get everything from that glorious season.  I skipped last year, feeling that I didn't need a gimmicky parallel.  I had no plans to get the 2018 set, either.

But a coworker got me a Holiday blaster and I was able to pull six of the ten Cubs.  Being the completist that I am, I figured I might as well finish off the set.  It was a few simple clicks with Sportlots and I had the team set.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Cubs checklist because of one card...

.... Daniel Murphy.  I didn't realize that the Holiday set was an update to update.  This is the only card that I am aware of that shows Murphy as a Cub.  I'm not familiar enough with the complete checklist to know if there are any other players that were shown with their late-season new team.  Anyone know?

The other nine cards are parallels to the already-seen flagship cards.



There aren't any surprises or goofy rookies among the nine.  It's the big names.


  1. I feel like a tool but I've misplaced your address. I've picked up 5 Cubs cards for you in return for the two cards you sent me.

  2. In addition to Murphy, I found a Justin Bour as a Phillie base card in my Holiday rip. Maybe they did just a couple.

  3. Interesting about Murphy. It didn't even register that is his only "mainstream" Cubs card because he does have a couple of Topps Now cards as a Cub. I wonder if he'll show up in Series 1 or if he gets the Series 2/Update treatment with the Rockies.

    Good eyes!

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