Friday, January 4, 2019

I Made A Trade!

SInce I buy mostly Cubs things, and just one of each,  I don't make many trades with other bloggers.  I have nothing to trade.

That changed recently.  When I picked up the missing Sandberg SCD card, I bought the entire book to get the card.  That meant seven non-Cubs cards that I didn't need.  I made them available to anyone that wanted them.

Tom from The Angels, In Order put in a claim for the Jim Abbott card.  I sent it his way and he sent me some Cubs cards...

Since I already had most of these, they will end up in the birthday packs that I give to the kids at my school.  I give them a mix of Tigers (since Detroit is the local favorite) and Cubs (since the kids need to get cards from the best team ever, as I tell them!).

Thanks Tom!!


  1. Without trade posts I think my blog would wither away. I don't know how you do it, but I'm envious!

  2. That's funny -- the Van Slyke that you sent me is going to post on my blog next week, with the same theme as your post here, that I actually made a trade!

    1. The cards you sent came today... another trade post tomorrow!

  3. The Abbott was a sweet addition to my collection. Thank you too.